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5.-13.8.2022 Nitra Airport - Slovakia

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Oldtimer Pribina Star 2022

Dear retro gliding lovers, pilots, who prefer the smell of the wood, shine of aluminium, a touch of the prehistorical fiber and flying with a touch of the times of aviation, when more than sophisticated loggers and a hi-tech navigation tools was the unique view from the cabin: towards the fields, mountains and circling birds – our colleagues.

If these feelings are not foreign to you and you love such flying, we invite you from August 5th until the 13th of August to the airport in Nitra - Veľké Janíkovce, LZNI. We are looking forward to your arrival on Friday and 6th of August, or, the latest, on Saturday morning. At ten o´clock local time we will raise the flag of Svazarm and launch the competition OPS 2022.

The daily program and individual tasks will be determined mainly by the weather, but this is usually good at this part of the season and you can look forward to flying task of various geometric shapes, „out of which your head may spin“. On the August 8th we will have a Grill party ready and two days later an Aeroclub party. In order not to suffer from lack of cultural evenings and socialization, on August 12th there will be a hangar party and the awarding and prize giving for the best pilots, so we can tell: to all of the performers.

Next Saturday – 13th at 11:00 local time, we will pull the flag down again and say goodbye to the competition. But the final day won´t be boring: from the noon time the Oldtimer Airshow will take place. Whoever of the OPS participants has time and does not rush home (for instance to see a lady he has known for a long time anyway, or a family), can take part in a show with his wooden flying beauty and will also receive a free aerotow.

The entry fee will be 22 euros this year, as agreed in advance, but participants will have to reckon with some increase in prices for tows and food, due to the rise of fuel and goods prices. We look forward to see you in great thermals and relaxing mood of retro soaring, where enjoying the life is the main goal!)

Bulletin is available via mail



Gliders for rent

There is possibility to rent gliders during the competition. We can rent you Blaník L13/23 20€/hour, VSO10 15€/hour a DG1000 50€/hour. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Preferred payment method is via bank transfer to an account SK11 0900 0000 0051 5429 3267 GIBASKBX.




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Igor Ott sohaj425@gmail.com, +421 908 095 592

Jozef Ott jozef.ott@gmail.com, +421 903 889 869

Aeroclub Nitra, Dlhá 108, 94907 Nitra Slovakia